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The Best Code Plagiarism Checker – Codequiry

The programming language has an important function in a software application. As technology advances, software is needed by anyone to operate a system that is controlled by a computer. In the world of education, programming languages ​​are usually studied by students majoring in computer engineering. All tasks are usually related to programming so that communication can be established properly between the programmer and the computer it is necessary to compile a programming language that is stored in a source code.

Source code is a collection of computer programming language statements. Source code allows the programmer to communicate with the computer using several predefined commands. So, a programming language is a communication tool from a programmer that can be understood by a computer to execute a command. Arranging programming languages is very difficult; therefore, there are many students who take shortcuts to complete their programming assignments. They do code plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an act of fraud that is the work of another person without the knowledge of the original author intentionally or not. The easier a student does plagiarism, the lower his morals and ethics. Why are students interested in plagiarism? Even though they understand that the action is against the law? Student interest in plagiarism is built by rational considerations; they want to work effectively, efficiently, and adjust their academic abilities.

The factors of Habitual and learning strategies will also encourage students to do plagiarism; students who are used to piling up the work and doing it when the deadline then they will easily do plagiarism, especially for programming assignments. The task of programming is a very difficult job, students are required to think critically, carefully, thoroughly, and intelligently compile appropriate programming languages ​​so that they can be read by computers. How does the lecturer understand the authenticity of the assignments? The best way is to use an online code checker like Codequiry.  

Codequiry will interpret the level of source code similarity with other source code. Similarity detection can be seen from changing the name of the source code, moving the position of several pieces of code and changing the name of the variable, etc. This tool will detail each percentage of possible code plagiarism actions. Codequiry provides a rich and detailed insight page. This insight page combines the power of the web and peer results into simple tables that are understood by educators easily.

The lecturers will find many types of similarity in the source code of the students’ programming assignments if they use the best plagiarism checker code. The presence of various code checkers mitigates the work of educators when determining the authenticity of the codes used in a piece of software. If you are a computer science student, you can use Code Inquiry too; you can use this code plagiarism checker to ensure the authenticity level of the code before sending it to the lecturer.

Headhunters and The Steps To Assess The Best One

What is a headhunter? Headhunters are recruiters who find candidates for companies to fill important positions in the company. If you want to be a candidate who passes the selection, then you must become a professional. Headhunters will assess candidate skills carefully before recommending them to companies in need. What about the salary system? The salary system is a commission. To find senior level executives, generally the commission is 23% -30% of the annual salary. Successful recruits do not give a commission to headhunters, but the company pays the commission. In essence, if you are a candidate who was recruited or assisted by a headhunter, you do not need to pay anything to the headhunter.

If you find a headhunter company that collects fees from you, you must suspect the company credibility. You need to know that professional headhunters can be coaches and advisers to advance your career, and they can help develop your career to a higher level. Not wrong at all if you build relationships with headhunters as a first step in building a career. By establishing a good relationship with them, you can get the latest information about the professional salary amount in your country.

Now, as a good candidate, you must find a professional and trusted headhunter. How to do it? It’s easy, here are the steps to assess whether a headhunter company is good or not:

First, recognize the name and history of the company. Don’t accept offers if the company has no clear affiliation or company profile. In essence, find an experienced headhunter.

Second, remember that the headhunter will not ask for any commission from the candidate. If they ask for a commission, just stay away. The logic of thinking from this point is: if they get a commission from the candidate, how will the company assess candidate skills objectively?

Third, test the headhunter’s knowledge. A good headhunter should master the industry of your career choice now. If they don’t seem to understand your industry, just assume that they are not from a good company. For example, if you are currently working in a bank, a good headhunter should understand the banking industry. If you have a career in the health field, the headhunter must understand the matter of the health industry, and so on.

Where can you find a reliable headhunter? There are many ways that can be done, and there are many sources that can be extracted. One reliable source is through social media. One social media that is targeted by professionals is LinkedIn. All headhunters on Linkedin are trusted; LinkedIn is a social network that has a unique concept, where most of the users are professionals with business backgrounds.

Like an identity, LinkedIn is often used as a medium to introduce oneself or business to prospective colleagues with diverse goals. Some LinkedIn users deliberately create an account to provide additional value to their business, and some others are promoting themselves and looking for business partners. Likewise for headhunters, candidates can use this social media to find trusted headhunters.

Learn History

A teacher must have joy when showing the class syllabus to student guardians. The syllabus explains all activities or projects that will be carried out for a year in class together with students. One of the subjects that must be planned well by the teacher is History. History teachers must be able to relate the past to current events in class using a number of methods such as music, field trips, videos, etc. There is a lot of ancient history in this world that can be used as material in teaching in class, choosing the right historical material will attract students to absorb all the material provided by the teacher.

One of the ancient history materials that are worth giving to students is ancient Greece; ancient greece project ideas are a smart choice because the history of ancient Greece has valuable historical value. Ancient Greek history provides valuable learning that can be linked to present life. There are many projects that can be studied such as the Ancient Olympics, Socrates, City State Politics, The Story of the Gods, Seeing Greek Landmarks, etc.

First of all, you can introduce the famous story of Socrates as the Father of Modern Philosophy. His life story can be a very interesting lesson; Socrates was an ordinary person and very simple. Every day he walked barefoot around the city of Athens coming to the people to discuss philosophy. Socrates was known as the wisest man in the whole city of Athens, but he never considered himself wise.

Discussion is a learning method that is always applied by Socrates, this method is still popular today and it is applied in schools or other institutions. Socrates preferred to understand about social phenomena, human behavior, social politics and political ethics of state and this is what makes Socrates different from other idol figures. The teacher can create a discussion group in class and guide students to use their knowledge of philosophy in discussion.

Another interesting and famous think throughout the world is the story of the ancient Greek gods. Well, indeed not all Greek myths are suitable for children, the Teacher who is responsible for sorting and choosing interesting material so that it has a positive impact on all students.

Most Greek gods are depicted as humans, born but never old, immune to anything, can be invisible, and each god has its own characteristics. Therefore, the gods also have title names for each character, which may be more than one. These gods sometimes help humans and even establish love relationships with humans who bear children, who are half demigods. These children became known as heroes.

Greek mythology contains a collection of myths and legends about gods and heroes. Modern historians study Greek mythology to know the political, religious, and civilizing conditions in Ancient Greece, and to gain an understanding of the formation of myths. The history of drama and Greek myths can provide a clear understanding of how culture builds its ideas.

There is a lot of ancient Greek history that is very interesting, they can be used as learning material in class to build students’ interest in world history; a Greece cruise is something you’ll never forget, their cultural values ​​are able to provide valuable lessons to students in various fields such as politics, state administration, mythology, and sports.

Associated with knowledge of sports, the first Olympics began in the city of Olympia; the ancient Greek Society organized a sports competition which all citizens participated in honoring their highest god, the God of Zeus. The name of the Olympics was taken from Mount Olympus, which is believed to be the residence of the god Zeus. In the ancient Olympics, participants and spectators were limited to men, because all athletes had to compete with their naked bodies.

Based on the ancient Olympics in Greece, the modern Olympics were formed today. The modern outlook at the Olympics takes many details from the original event and there is much to be learned about culture and how to treat sports. The teacher can direct students to identify the rules and strategies behind the popular ancient Greek game. The teacher must also challenge the spirit of competition and sportsmanship to all students.

Online Tutoring Helps

Online tutoring is the best and effective solution for students who need deeper knowledge about any subject in a short period of time. Students can access it by following a few easy steps. It’s flexible to use, safe and also quite attractive.

Regardless of location, students can choose this effective learning method at any time from home. Students only need to use their personal computers and broadband connections. Any additional software is not needed in this method. Several online tutoring sites are available and students only need to choose one according to their convenience. Many sites let students choose their own subjects and topics as well as their tutors.

There are many positive aspects to making online tutoring useful for students. Students are quite familiar with today’s online platforms; they feel comfortable learning using a tutoring session on a computer where they can schedule their own classes. They do not travel to the learning center to attend any class, nor do they need to wait for a fixed slot.

Students are free to schedule their sessions for help on any topic and they are assured of the guidance of experienced teachers as often as they need. Many sites record their previous sessions and it allows students to replay when they need to revise certain topics.

Online tutoring brings real changes in learning. Many students can improve their performance in various subjects by using this innovative learning technique. Online tutoring has been proven to improve students’ understanding and problem solving skills. Online tutoring also increases students’ perception of any subject and makes learning interesting to them.

Homework help and assignments are some of the useful options offered in online tutoring, because guidance for last minute exam preparation is also a useful way of learning that students can choose before an exam.

Online tutoring provides services in real-time. Students can choose homework assistance for all subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English. Not only does it get help in working on all subjects, students also get a better understanding because mentors provide the best and easy way to understand when dealing with various problem models. Online tutoring is the best way to increase student interest in learning.

5 Things to Look For Before Choosing Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one way for students who have lots of activities so that they don’t have much time to go outside and go to tutoring places that may be far from home. Therefore, online tutoring is a highly recommended choice to try! Here are five important things to consider before registering for an online tutoring.

Quality and Complete Material – One thing to note is quality and complete material. It’s useless, you’ve spent time in front of a laptop screen to hear an explanation from the tutor but the material is incomplete and boring. Before listing in an online tutoring, you must pay attention to the materials and also the lessons they offer. Usually, there will be a list of lessons and also material to choose from. Don’t be satisfied with one online tutoring option, find other references, and gather information from other online tutors. Look for one that provides the most complete material, after which you can register.

Look for Tutors that are fun and easy to understand – Tutors are one of the important roles in online tutoring, because through the tutor the material will be delivered to students. Look for a tutor who is fun, not boring and easy to understand. In addition, look for tutors who play pleasant intonation.

Interactive and Fun Videos – Typically, online tutoring will provide an offline video, where you can play the video repeatedly so the lessons delivered by the tutor in the video can be understood. Now, try searching for online lessons that present offline videos creatively and fun. Fun videos will make you not get bored quickly, and you can absorb lessons faster.

 Student Testimonials – A professional online tutoring will provide a testimonial column for students. This column contains comments related to learning and material obtained in the online tutoring. Well, you should really pay attention to the testimonies of students who have previously studied in the online tutoring that you are going to. If you find an ugly commentary, then you can skip the site.

Look for Experienced Tutors – Tutors are likened to a link between students and the learning provided. Therefore, look for online tutoring that can guarantee that the tutors are the best graduates who have taught at top schools and universities.