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The programming language has an important function in a software application. As technology advances, software is needed by anyone to operate a system that is controlled by a computer. In the world of education, programming languages ​​are usually studied by students majoring in computer engineering. All tasks are usually related to programming so that communication can be established properly between the programmer and the computer it is necessary to compile a programming language that is stored in a source code.

Source code is a collection of computer programming language statements. Source code allows the programmer to communicate with the computer using several predefined commands. So, a programming language is a communication tool from a programmer that can be understood by a computer to execute a command. Arranging programming languages is very difficult; therefore, there are many students who take shortcuts to complete their programming assignments. They do code plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an act of fraud that is the work of another person without the knowledge of the original author intentionally or not. The easier a student does plagiarism, the lower his morals and ethics. Why are students interested in plagiarism? Even though they understand that the action is against the law? Student interest in plagiarism is built by rational considerations; they want to work effectively, efficiently, and adjust their academic abilities.

The factors of Habitual and learning strategies will also encourage students to do plagiarism; students who are used to piling up the work and doing it when the deadline then they will easily do plagiarism, especially for programming assignments. The task of programming is a very difficult job, students are required to think critically, carefully, thoroughly, and intelligently compile appropriate programming languages ​​so that they can be read by computers. How does the lecturer understand the authenticity of the assignments? The best way is to use an online code checker like Codequiry.  

Codequiry will interpret the level of source code similarity with other source code. Similarity detection can be seen from changing the name of the source code, moving the position of several pieces of code and changing the name of the variable, etc. This tool will detail each percentage of possible code plagiarism actions. Codequiry provides a rich and detailed insight page. This insight page combines the power of the web and peer results into simple tables that are understood by educators easily.

The lecturers will find many types of similarity in the source code of the students’ programming assignments if they use the best plagiarism checker code. The presence of various code checkers mitigates the work of educators when determining the authenticity of the codes used in a piece of software. If you are a computer science student, you can use Code Inquiry too; you can use this code plagiarism checker to ensure the authenticity level of the code before sending it to the lecturer.